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White Wedding Flowers – Always In Style

May 26, 2023 | Real Weddings

White wedding flowers are timeless and always in style.  Whether you are going for a relaxed garden theme, or an elegant black-tie party vibe, crisp white blooms will gather together effortlessly and give a timeless look.

There are so many popular white wedding flowers to choose from ranging from roses, peonies, ranunculus, tulips, stock, calla, lilies, hydrangeas, lisianthus, snapdragon and orchids to name a few.

You can find a range of white shades such as the pure white of a Casablanca Lily, an ivory or bone white such as the White Cloud Garden rose, or a cream shade of white which tends toward a hint of soft yellow, such as the Patience Garden rose.

If your wedding is taking place at dusk, white flowers will show up better in the dark. They seem to take on a glow as they reflect moonlight or candlelight.

Although white flowers have tended to be more formal, when they are mixed with various lush  greenery and different textures and fillers, they will create a beautiful garden style vibe.  The garden style is more relaxed and asymmetrical in shape.

However, even a lush asymmetrical garden style design can look elegant when displayed on a classy tall stand and surrounded by candles.


White Wedding Flowers Are easy to match

White wedding flowers are easy to match and pair well with just about any shade of bridesmaid dresses. There is no need to stress whether your florist will be able to find that perfect trendy shade of rose to match that mauve bridesmaid dress. Your florist only needs to be familiar with what varieties are ivory, cream or pure white to look best with your chosen palette.

The bouquet shown above is designed with white blooms including snapdragons, roses, lisianthus, ranunculus, and has a touch of eucalyptus. The moon gate pictured below is decorated with the same blooms, but also has white football and cushion mums added. The couple wanted this created for a photo booth for guest to take photos of themselves. The white flowers create a perfect backdrop for photos and will not clash with the color of dress worn by guests.

When using all white blooms, the trick to keeping the designs from being too boring is to add different textures and shapes of flowers together. For example, if you choose all round flowers such as roses, peonies and ranunculus, your bouquet is going to look like a round ball. The round ball look that was so popular in the 80’s has been updated with a more relaxed and whimsical vibe and this updated style is anything but boring!

Anything But Boring

You are still able to achieve an elegant black-tie style without having your bouquet look like like a round ball.  A design style that allows the blooms to each have their own space within the design having some blooms pulled in deep and other blooms floating on top creates depth and dimension.  Also adding in a bit of movement by using some flexible greens or filler relax the design and keep it fresh and updated for today’s modern wedding.

Are you thinking of having white wedding flowers for your wedding?  Grab your consultation by clicking here below.  Discover how we can make your white wedding flowers anything but boring!!