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What Was The Most Popular Wedding Color of 2016?


As we look back at our 2016 central Illinois weddings, wine-burgundy-cranberry shades of flowers were chosen by eight of our brides making it the most popular wedding shade out of the forty-five weddings we created bouquets for.  That is not surprising considering Marsala was 2015 color of the year and here in the midwest we aren’t as quick to embrace the newest style.


Coming in second place was plum with six of our central Illinois brides choosing plum colored blooms for their bridal bouquets.


We had three shades tie for third place – Peach, Pink and White.  Five of our 2016 brides chose peach shades for their wedding bouquets.  


Another five of our central Illinois brides chose pink flowers for their bridal bouquets.


Classic white is always in and five our 2016 brides picked all white blooms for their wedding flowers.


Coming in fourth place we have blush – this surprised me as it seemed like I had worked with blush roses most of the wedding season!!  We actually did use a lot of blush flowers mixed in with the burgundy colored bouquets and our favorite blush roses we used the most were Quicksand and White O’hara garden rose.   We had four brides choose blush shades of flowers for their wedding bouquets.

Blue and Rust

Blue and rust colored flowers tied for fifth place with three brides choosing each color.

Yellow, Coral, Red and Lavender

Yellow and coral tied for sixth place with two brides choosing yellow flowers and two choosing coral.   And last but not least we had one bride choose red and one bride choose lavender.
We so enjoyed working with each and every bride and creating their floral vision for each of them.  We are greatly humbled once again by the lovely reviews our brides took time to leave for us and in so doing winning us “The Knot Best Of Weddings 2017”!!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  While I loved many of the bouquets we created this year, I think my most favorite flowers I worked with this year was the antique lavender wedding – something rare and beautiful (see below right)!!!
We already have twenty weddings booked for 2017 and we are looking forward to spring and the returning wedding season.  However, after doing fifty events this past year,  many two and three per weekend, we are restructuring how we do business in 2017.   To be able to fully enjoy and give our full attention to each wedding, we are only booking one per weekend starting now in 2017;  thus we now have a $1,000 minimum to book with us.
We have met so many wonderful people and feel so blessed to be able to use our God-given talents to bring pleasure to others by working with God’s glorious flowers and to be able to use part of our profits to fund our mission trips to Mexico.
Happy New Year to all, Nancy

Five Central Illinois Wedding Vendors Make Dreams Come True!

Ryan and Kelly Maki were married on April 23rd, 2016 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church and their reception was held at The Elks  in Pontiac, Illinois.  It was a gorgeous spring day for this happy couple which set the stage for their vendors to make their dream wedding come true. Here is how five central Illinois wedding vendors helped them achieve their vision for their special day.

1.  Their wedding photographer, The Art Photographic captured these beautiful images for them to enjoy looking back on with fond memories of their wedding day.

The top three photos were taken at Humiston Woods where the bluebells created a sea of blue!!

2.  Fancy Florals By Nancy  from Fairbury, IL custom created the bouquets, bouts and corsages as well as church decor and reception table centerpieces and garlands for the head table and dessert tables.

 Kelly Hopkins650
 altararrangement325  pewdecor325

3.  Fabulous Affairs did  the event planning as well as doing a fabulous job with set-up, decor and designing the stationary including invitations, name cards, etc.  Visit them at their uptown Normal shop for all your stationary and paper needs and unique items for your events.

 invitation325  placecard325

4. Palace Events , Bloomington, IL provided and set up the linens and chair rentals.  They offer a full line of event rentals as well as planning services.


5.  Bojeannies , Fairbury, IL catered the dessert table with beautiful cupcakes which taste as good as they look.

Advice from Kelly – “The wedding day goes incredibly fast, everyone will tell you that, but it’s so true. The best advice I can think of is to try to take a step back and enjoy the moment. It’s such a special day surrounded by your closest family and friends. I don’t remember feeling stressed once. I would take a step back and look around and would see my best friend I was marrying, surrounded by our best friends and family, and felt so much happiness and love 🙂 Your wedding day will be a perfect day regardless of any little things that might not go as planned.”
centerpiece325  centerpiecetwo325
If you are looking for superior service and quality for your central Illinois wedding, be sure to contact these vendors to help you achieve your vision for your special day.

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10 Best Flowers For An Outdoor Summer Wedding

If you are planning an outdoor summer wedding be sure to choose flowers that won’t wilt in the heat.  Here are our top ten flower recommendations for a beautiful bouquet that will stay fresh all day!

1. Tropicals

Tropical flowers love the heat!  Anthuriums and proteas are popular choices for wedding bouquets.  The  protea on the left has soft feather-like petals while the pincushion protea on the right adds a spiky texture.
 Tropical bouquet   Tropical bouquet1

2. Roses

Standard roses are hardier than many people realize.  They hold up very well and are easy to use alone  for a more formal look or mixed with other flowers for a garden or casual style.  They are available in about any color you would desire except there is no true blue rose.
 RoseBouquet1  MixedBouqetwithroses

3. Callas

The calla is able to last a long time without a water source.  It also is available in many shades and along with the rose is a popular choice for boutonnieres .  It too makes an elegant bouquet by itself or mixes beautifully with roses and other flowers.
 callabouquet  Whitecallabouquet

4.  Sunflowers

Nothing can beat a sunflower for a bright cheerful bouquet!  Sunflowers are also a good choice for  a rustic themed wedding.
 SunflowerBouquet  Sunflowerbouquet1

5. Succulents

Succulents have become very popular in the last few years for wedding bouquets.  Because they hold water in their thick fleshy leaves, they are a perfect solution to replace flowers in a hot dry location.  They mix in well with other greens and flowers and come in several shades from green, blue/gray to purple.
 Succulent Bouquet  SucculentMixedBouquet

6.  Zinnias

The  zinnia is a bright, easy to grow, heat loving flower that resembles a dahlia without the price tag!  There are many beautiful shades and different varieties of zinnias from tiny to full and double.  These are perfect for mixing with other heat-loving garden flowers such as celosia, gomphrena, eryngium, statice, craspedia, etc. to create a wild flower look.
 zinniabouquet1  zinniabouquet

7.  Orchids

Even though orchids could have been included with the tropicals, we put them in a class by themselves as they are so versatile and are used in many design styles from  classical and elegant to casual and tropical.  They are perfect also for boutonniere and corsage work as they are so long lasting.  If your budget allows, you should for sure mix some of these exotic beauties into your summer bouquet.
 OrchidBouquet  orchidbouquet1

8.  Chrysanthemums

With so many varieties and colors of mums available and their relatively low cost, it makes perfect sense to include them in bouquets.  The large football mums in the photo to the left are becoming very popular again.  The button (green) and cushion (plum) mums in the photo on the right show how beautiful they are mixed in with roses and other flowers.
 mumbouquet2  mumbouquet

9.  Dahlias

Starting in July dahlias become available locally in Illinois making them a more affordable choice then when they are out of season.  They are available until the first frost which is usually the middle of October here in Illinois.  They have big showy blooms and are a popular choice for adorning the cake.
 dahliabouquet2  DahliaCake

10.  Carnations

Last on our list, but certainly not least is the carnation.  Snubbed by some brides, which is a shame as they can be tastefully designed into a beautiful bouquet and are very long lasting .  They hold up so well, they can even be strung on fishing line to create a floral backdrop.  Using all one color and massed together (bouquet on left) they look very elegant and even resemble garden roses with their ruffled petals.  There are so many beautiful colors available, by carefully blending shades of one color, a very beautiful effect is achieved. (Photo on right)
 carnationbouquet  carnationbouquet2
By using the right flowers, you can still have a hand-tied bouquet that will last through the heat of a summer day!  If you have your heart set on a hydrangea, anemone or other heat sensitive flower, a silk bloom can be mixed in with fresh flowers and no one will know difference.

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How To Infuse Your Personality Into Your Wedding

For Chris and Amanda Highland, having their reception at Hancock Stadium Club was a given considering Chris played football for the Redbirds.  However when we asked Amanda what her advice would be to other couples planning their weddings, she replied “Find ways to infuse your hobbies and personalities into your special day even if it means abandoning tradition; Come up with your own personal traditions!”
Amanda and Chris
Chris and Amanda personalized their wedding reception with hand-crafted items they made from wood pallets.
Among the items they created were boxes which they brought to us to fill with flowers and place lanterns on.
They also created a backdrop for their cake table and a picture display board.
IMG_20160430_142645215p IMG_20160430_123504060p
The wedding photos were taken by Vivid Studios.  They didn’t let a little rain stop them or dampen their joy and it worked out perfectly that the rain stopped between the ceremony and reception and they could take photos on the field.  The table linens were by The Event Experience.
The Hancock Stadium Club is a wonderful venue for a wedding reception and the staff is great to work with. From a vendor’s perspective it is one of the easiest set-up locations with their large elevator and carts and the staff pitched right in and helped load and unload!  We really appreciated this as those wood boxes with the wet foam and flowers weighed in at 25 pounds!!
We were so excited for Chris and Amanda when she informed us just a few days after their wedding that Chris had been drafted by the New Orlean Saints!!
334p 179p
For her bridal bouquets Amanda chose a mix of freesia, stock, roses and eucalyptus. It’s such a joy for us when brides are so excited over their wedding flowers and Amanda was no exception; it was so much fun to present her bridal bouquet to her!!  Amanda’s mother brought us lace from her own wedding dress which we wrapped Amanda’s bridal bouquet with.
Words of wisdom from Amanda –  Brides, share you wedding vision early on with those who will be helping plan (MOB, MOG, MOH, Groom, etc.) Be sure to have your wedding planners (official or unofficial) at the meetings with your vendors so they can build relationships. Your bridal party and family want your day to be perfect but they all have their own idea of what that means. Come together for a meeting of the minds to discuss how you envision the day going, specifically a hour by hour breakdown.

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Do this to make sure your wedding day goes smoothly

Nick and Sondra Urish were married August 22, 2015 at the lovely Metamora Fields Golf Club in a beautiful outdoor ceremony.  These stunning photos were taken by Kara Kamienski Photography.  As far as the couple knew, everything went perfectly smooth thanks to their team of family and friends who were there to make it happen!!  Sondra’s advice to couples planning their own weddings is to make sure multiple people know your plan for the day so that when vendors arrive and have questions they can help out and you can relax and focus on getting ready.  Designate family and friends to help out in the days prior and the day of so you can enjoy every bit of the day.
View More: http://karakamienskiphotography.pass.us/urish-wedding
Sondra also encourages engaged couples to not stress over all the planning, and to make sure you have fun with it!  She found it helpful to have an account on Wedding Wire and used their to-do list to help her keep track of what should be done and when.
View More: http://karakamienskiphotography.pass.us/urish-wedding
Among the moments that stick out in her memory were seeing her husband’s emotion when he saw her for the first look orchestrated by the photographer.  She stated how much they enjoyed having those first few moments to themselves.  Second was when they sealed the deal with a kiss.  Third was taking photos with their awesome bridal party & photographer.  And fourth was their reception and seeing all of their guests having such a great time.   Everyone understands how quickly the wedding day goes by so enjoy every minute of the day with your friends and family and most importantly with your groom.  Make sure you take some time for a SECOND slow dance with your husband and to enjoy the day and moment in time with him!!
View More: http://karakamienskiphotography.pass.us/urish-wedding
Nick and Sondra met at U of I in agronomy club.  They are both from die-hard Illini families, so Nick planned his marriage proposal to Sondra to coincide with Illini 2014 Homecoming.  As they both currently had siblings attending U of I, Nick gathered them and their friends together for dinner and drinks.   They walked back to the quad where Nick had lined up the perfect spot to propose – in front of Foellinger Auditorium on the south side of the main quad.   He had his brother delay the group with a stop to see the newly renovated Lincoln Hall, so they could wait until everyone else was off the quad where Nick was planning to propose.   After Sondra said “yes” Nick informed her that he had lined up her parents and sister along with his parents to join them all in celebration at tailgate.  The Illini even squeaked out a win at the big game!  It was the perfect spot for the proposal because they both began their journey to where they are today as a couple at the U of I and would never have met each other if it wasn’t for their ties to agriculture at the university.
View More: http://karakamienskiphotography.pass.us/urish-wedding
The reception was held at the gorgeous Fields Ballroom on the second level of Metamora Fields Club House where the seating capacity is 400 and the staff does an excellent job.  The DJ was Buster from Extreme DJ’s & Lighting who provided a fun evening for everyone.  Flowers were done by Fancy Florals By Nancy.  Sondra chose shades of peach and cream for her bridal bouquets to offer a contrast to the navy blue bridesmaid dresses.  She also chose some choice blooms in cream and peach for reception centerpiece arrangements.
August 27, 2015 088   View More: http://karakamienskiphotography.pass.us/urish-wedding August 27, 2015 078pe
“Nancy truly goes above and beyond on her floral work and you can put all of your trust in her to design the floral pieces of your dreams for your special day!”  Sondra Urish
Fancy Florals By Nancy is a wedding florist serving all of central Illinois.  Call, text, or email today to receive your free consultation to plan for your wedding flowers, wedding bouquets and wedding centerpieces.  309-212-6570   fancyfloralsbynancy@hotmail.com

How Did This Groom Propose?

Luke and Erin ~ April 2014

Erin received a romantic surprise while vacationing with Luke’s family at their lake house in Michigan and while playing a game of golf with Luke’s brother and sister-in-law.  As the game progressed to the 7th hole, which was a beautiful spot overlooking the lake, Erin wondered what was going on as Luke’s brother played out of turn and rushed off the green leaving Luke to get down on one knee where he popped the question!!   Erin  joyfully accepted as Luke’s sister-in-law was capturing the entire scenario on video.  Erin was further surprised as they brought out champagne for all to celebrate the happy occasion!!
 Romantic Proposal
  Luke and Erin met at Wesleyan University and were friends for three years before having their first date at Destihl.  They currently both work in downtown Chicago; Luke as an attorney for government licensing and Erin in research at NYU.  Erin said she had been planning her wedding for four years pinning photos of her dream wedding to a secret Pinterest board.
 Peacock Wedding Colors
What is Luke and Erin’s advice to couples just getting engaged?  No other than a famous Chicago voting mantra, “start early and often”!!  First of all, get your date picked, then create a timeline check-off and get planning!   “All of our friends are getting married” Erin explains.  “We had 5 weddings to attend (including our own) in 7 weeks time from SW Michigan, Chicago to Boston, which made us very, very busy attending bridal showers and related events.  We were so glad that we had so much done for our wedding ahead of time.
Evelyn Chapel Wedding

The wedding was held at the Evelyn Chapel where Erin chose simple white containers of baby’s breath to complement the pristine beauty of the Chapel on the campus where they met.  Congratulations to this happy couple!

 Peacock bridal bouquet  Peacock Wedding  Peacock Boutonniere

 Beautiful reception held at The Chateau Bloomington

The Chateau Bloomington

When we met with Luke and Erin, they had a clear idea of their vision for their wedding flowers.  By using the peacock feathers with the teal bridesmaid dresses, we decided on the rich deep shades of purple, magenta & blue with pops of fresh green to brighten and add contrast to the deeper colors for the bridal bouquets, boutonniere and reception centerpieces.  Erin wanted some of her reception centerpieces to be big, bold and over-the-top, so we created the tall arrangements with showy blooms to make a statement in the venue.

Wedding Reception Head Table decor, gold sparkly linens, peacock themed reception decor

The reception was held at The Chateau Bloomington , a gorgeous, elegant venue where the staff was helpful and easy to work with.

Photographs by Mark Romine of Romine Weddings ~ what a great photographer!!

Wedding flowers ~ Fancy Florals By Nancy ~ a central Illinois wedding florist located in Fairbury.

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Why No One Will Forget This Wedding!!

Bohemian Style Wedding

The first time I met together with Pam she described her vision for a simple eco-friendly, bohemian style wedding to be held outdoors at Darrell’s country home and also his place of business “Fairbury Fastener & Supply.”   As she showed me the cotton and lace dresses she found for herself and the bridesmaids (their daughters),  told me about the old church pews they discovered and how Darrell was building a pergola for them to be married under, I could see  this wedding was going to be fun and unique!!
00174p 00110p
Pam had a large collection of vintage aprons, doilies, table cloths and other decor handed down from their families and from yard sales & antique stores that they wanted to incorporate into their wedding.  The pergola which Darrell built holds grape vines that were planted by Darrell’s late father, Gilbert. Darrell & Pam  met with the help of EHarmony and were matched according to a very extensive questioning process.  “Darrell was the first man I dated and…well…it was obviously a good match!” explained Pam.  They had their first date at Famous Dave’s and so decided to have Famous Dave’s cater their wedding reception.

00001p 00004p

Rain Clouds Gather!

We really believed that the rain would miss us and so we carried on as usual the morning of the wedding.  We had decided that we would get married under the pergola regardless of the weather and we did put up a few tents for guests to stand under even though we had beautiful old church pewsto sit on – which some hardy guests did sit on in the rain with their umbrellas!!
00335p 00374p

Work Together, Love Together, Play Together

Our motto as a blended family is that we will all work together, love together,  play together and persevere  no matter what is thrown our way!  It was a great lesson for our children when the rain was pounding down and it was time to walk to the pergola for the ceremony –  There were asking, “What should we do?”  We said, “Just keep walking; we are getting married outside as planned!!”  LOL!!  They all loved it and had such a good time.  A wedding nobody will forget!

Rolling With The Punches

Because of the rain, plan B was put to use and instead of a nearby meadow, the photos were taken in and around Darrell’s place of business ” Fairbury Fastener.”  We think “Images By Whitney” did a wonderful job and the tool shed shop photos added a unique flavor as well as kept the guests dry as they enjoyed the reception!
 00252p  00502p

Wedding Flowers

For her wedding bouquet Pam chose a mix of sophisticated and simple flowers –  using garden roses, stock, Queen Anne’s lace and feverfew.  Feverfew and Queen Anne’s lace made up the bridesmaid’s bouquets and the boutonniere for the guys were made from baby’s breath wrapped in twine.  They used mini green hydrangeas, stock, roses and baby’s breath to fill old bottles and containers to decorate their tables.  The combination of the electic decor, the drenching during the ceremony, and all of their thoughtful touches make this a wedding their guests won’t soon forget!!
Fancy Florals By Nancy, a Fairbury wedding florist, was thrilled for the opportunity to create their wedding bouquets as Nancy grew up a mile down the road from where Darrell grew up and currently lives and is the location for Fairbury Fastener & Supply.  Nancy met Pam when she was the winner of our gift card at the 2014 Prairie Central FFA Home Show.  For more information please visit our website at  www.fancyfloralsbynancy.com or visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fancyfloralsbynancy
Call, text 309-212-6570 or email us  fancyfloralsbynancy@hotmail.com today to receive your free consultation to discuss your vision for your wedding flowers, bridal bouquets, reception centerpieces and more!!

What Was This Bride’s Biggest Wedding Planning Challenge?

Planning An Out-Of-State Wedding

Kurt and Kristina pulled off a beautiful, elegant wedding and overcame special challenges of out-of-state planning and drenching rains on their wedding day!  Photographs by Tyler and Christina Hoff of  “T & C Photographie
 T&C_K&K-160p  T&C_K&K-360p

What was your biggest challenge?

Planning a Central Illinois wedding from Virginia was definitely a challenge!  I knew early that I needed to find vendors with good communication skills as the majority of our conversations would be through phone or email.  I made sure to reach out to vendors that I was interested in working with soon after getting engaged.  This gave me a chance to look through portfolios of their work, find out about pricing, and get a feel for their communication styles.  Selecting vendors I was really comfortable with made the planning process much easier.
T&C_K&K-358p T&C_K&K-131p T&C_K&K-158p
Kurt and Kristina chose to get married at the gorgeous Allerton Park and Retreat Center in Monticello, Illinois and were hoping for an outdoor wedding on the beautiful grounds of the park and then move inside the mansion for the reception.  The weather had other ideas for that day however!  We love her black rubber boots which saved her gold slippers from the mud (see below).   Thankfully the rain stopped long enough that they could take photos outside.
T&C_K&K-229p T&C_K&K-376p

Would you do anything different?

If I could control the weather, my answer would be, “Have it not rain all day!”  Thankfully we had a rain back-up plan, so the ceremony was moved inside and the venue staff did a great job coordinating that change.  Other than the rain, we ran into surprisingly few mishaps the day of!
www.tandcphotographie.com2 T&C_K&K-8p www.tandcphotogrpahie.com1
Kristina had many great ideas and was meticulous in her details & planning.  For her wedding flowers, Kristina chose coral peonies, pink & blush garden roses, stock, wax flower and assorted ferns & greens.  Fancy Florals By Nancy, a Fairbury wedding florist, delighted Kristina with her  wedding bouquets and wedding reception decor including hand-wired garlands to decorate the mantle, chalkboard and bride & groom chairs.
T&C_K&K-289p T&C_K&K-294p T&C_K&K-282p
T&C_K&K-297p T&C_K&K-71p

What did you enjoy the most?

 I loved getting to see all the details come together and the vision I had for the wedding brought to life.  We had some traditional elements to the day, but having special touches that incorporated unique elements of our relationship made the day that much more meaningful.  A few of my favorites were our signature drinks named after our three dogs, popcorn favors (one of our favorite treats!), and the giant monogram we used as a guest book and now have on display in our home!
T&C_K&K-54p T&C_K&K-102p
T&C_K&K-434p  T&C_K&K-363p
Other venders included:   DJ  – Tim Taflinger “Absolute Light & Sound , Shelly Albee “Sweet Cakes” for their wedding cake and Fancy Florals By Nancy for their wedding flowers.  For more information on Fancy Florals By Nancy  wedding flowers, wedding bouquets, and reception centerpieces, call, text or email to get your free consultation.  309-212-6570  –  fancyfloralsbynancy@hotmail.com

What Is This Bride’s Favorite Wedding Memory?

 Experience Pontiac, Illinois!!

We like how the flavor of Pontiac shines through in these wedding photos taken by photographer emily m.   The Vermilion River and the Pontiac Trolley are used as backdrops for some of the photos, and the reception was held at Pontiac Elks Country Club.  

Janelle’s Favorite Memory

Andrew and Janelle Navis were blessed with a beautiful sunny day for their wedding at Pontiac United Methodist Church last August.  Her favorite memory from the day is walking down the aisle on her Dad’s arm and seeing all her family and friends together in one place and feeling such a special love fill the room!
pic8 pic6
Janelle met Andrew when they were both Crop Sciences majors at U of I and she lived at the 4-H House as did two of Andrew’s sisters.  She needed a date to a winter formal the 4-H House was having, so she asked him to go and they had a great time!

Sunflower Wedding

Janelle has always liked sunflowers and has special summer memories of enjoying their bright yellow color against the blue sky in her mother’s garden.   She wanted sunflowers in her wedding bouquet along with other bright colors to add a cheery contrast to her favorite color of robin’s egg blue which she chose for her bridesmaid’s dresses.
Square Vase Wedding Reception Centerpieces sunflower bridal bouquet
Her best advice for wedding planning is to tackle the big items first – picking the date – reserving a church and reception site; then concentrate on one thing at a time like the guest list, food, cake, flowers, etc. so you don’t feel overwhelmed and get burned out.
Janelle-tronce-050p Janelle-tronce-046ap Janelle-tronce-026p
Andrew and Janelle’s reception was at The Elks Club in Pontiac, IL  www.pontiacelks.com  where Mollie Rosander is helpful and great to work with.  They were also happy with DJ Jayme Bland of Soundsations  www.sound-sations.com  from Hudson, IL.  Linda Veatch, Designer Cake Shop from Roanoke, IL did a great job on the wedding cake, even making a “grooms cake” replica of Andrew’s old blue truck!   Wedding photos by emily m. (Emily Manker, photographer) www.accidentalcreativity.com .
sunflower wedding centerpiece
Flowers by Fancy Florals by Nancy.  We are a full service wedding florist located in Fairbury, Illinois.  We custom create bridal bouquets, bouts, corsages, altar arrangements, pew decor, centerpiece arrangements and more to reflect your style.  Call, text or email today to receive your free consultation.  309-212-6570  fancyfloralsbynancy@hotmail.com

Just Engaged? Check out these “Save-The-Date” Ideas!!

Our Top Twelve Save-The-Date Picks

You just got engaged and picked the perfect wedding date.  Now you need to let your family and friends know to save this special day for you!  Here are twelve creative ways to make the announcement.

Football Fans

Football Fans

Baseball Fans

Baseball Fans

Don’t be shy – Let your personality shine through!

At Your Feet

In The Sky

In The Sky

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Think about your hobbies, occupation and interests.

Chalkboard Romance

Chalkboard Romance

Let's Play Golf

Let’s Play Golf

Incorporate it into your very own idea.

Window Frame

Window Frame

Holding Hands

Holding Hands


Flag Banner

Get your family or friends to capture it in a photo.



Pumpkins For Fall

Pumpkins For Fall

You are all set to spread the word ~ Text, email or you can upload your photo to a site such as Vista Print to have a postcard printed to mail to all of your family and friends.

 120_120_gray FFlogo

Fancy Florals By Nancy creates beautiful custom wedding flowers for your wedding.  Call, text or email us today to receive your free consultation to be on your way to finding gorgeous wedding bouquets and wedding centerpieces.           309-212-6570          fancyfloralsbynancy@hotmail.com