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How Beautiful Central Illinois Weddings Come Together!

How does a beautiful central Illinois wedding all come together?  It takes a team of vendors collaborating, communicating and planning with the bride & groom!!  We were thankful for Ephiphany Farms and Palace Events staff who worked smoothly with us for Alex and MacKenzie’s ceremony and successfully flipped the room for the reception!  What a knockout it turned out to be!! Alex and MacKenzie chose to have photos taken at the location of their first date Emack & Bolios in uptown Normal, IL.  Photos  by Micah McCoy Studio.
 Wedding Day, Wedding flowers, bride, groom
On their first date they enjoyed ice-cream and then walked around uptown Normal for a couple of hours talking.  They quickly realized they had a connection and felt a sense of comfort and familiarity with each other.
 Wedding aisle decor, garland  Altar arrangement, wedding decor, wedding flowers
We custom created yards and yards of mixed green garlands for the tables and MacKenzie’s mom had a great idea to use them to line the aisle seats at the ceremony, then re-use for the reception.  They looked fabulous garnished with a few blooms and ribbons.
MacKenzie’s favorite part of wedding planning was dress shopping.  She stated, “Wedding dresses are made to make you look good and it was so fun to try on different styles/silhouttes!  I ended up choosing something completely different than I thought I would.  MacKenzie  had two handsome European ushers and she and her family were so delighted  that they could come from Germany and Italy for the wedding – they were former foreign exchange students who had lived with her family!!
 Tall centerpiece arrangements, wedding garland, reception table decor  reception decor, garland with blooms, table centerpiece arrangement
After the ceremony, which was held in the upper-level ballroom at Epiphany Farms, the guests were ushered into Anju Above for appetizers while Palace Events brought in their  beautiful harvest tables, and we placed the garlands and blooms of purple trachellium, White O’hara garden roses and Ocean Song lavender roses to decorate the tables.
 Purple bridal bouquet, wedding flowers, wedding bouquet  
For her wedding decor and bridal bouquet, MacKenzie chose a mix of purple trachellium, stock, astrantia, lavender spray roses & wax flower and white ranunculus.  Her biggest challenge with wedding planning  was staying true to their vision when other close family and friends offered their opinions and even though she and Alex wanted them to feel included –  yet they wanted it to be what they had envisioned!!
   Bride and groom, wedding day, bridal bouquet
What is her advice to newly engaged couples planning their wedding?  “Remember to have fun!!  This is one of the best times in your relationship and it goes by so fast!  Try not to let things stress you out and if it starts to feel like work, take a break!”
 Wedding reception
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Adrienne & Stephen’s Garden Styled Blush Wedding

It is just as much a  joy for us to get to know our brides and grooms as it is to create their dream floral vision for their wedding day!  We first met Adrienne in 2015 when she was working for Palace Events and we were both setting up a wedding at Ewing Manor where we were doing the flowers.  She totally fell in love with the bridal flower crown we had created for the bride and asked us for our contact information as she had just become engaged.
 Wedding photo, blush wedding bouquet, floral crown, bride and groom
We eventually met with her for her consultation and collaborated on ways to bring her floral vision to life.  She was so in love with the floral crowns that she had us create one for a surprise boudoir photo for Stephen!!  Adrienne chose a lush garden style with blush roses for her wedding bouquet.  She also requested a floral crown with coordinating spray roses and wax flowers to wear on her wedding day.
 bridal flower crown    
In keeping with the garden style we created lush mixed foliage bouquets for the bridesmaids bouquets and tied them with blush ribbon to match their dresses ~ these pretty photos are by Katelyn Turner Photography.  It is so rewarding to deliver the flowers to the bride on her wedding day and see her look of delight!!
 Blush bridesmaid dresses, garden style wedding, eucalyptus bouquets, blush wedding
Adrienne was so excited about her flowers , she was just the kind of bride we love to work with!!  We decorated our white birch arbor with a mixed greens garland for the couple to be married under.  This central Illinois wedding was held at the Doubletree in Bloomington.
 White birch wedding arbor, garland, bride and groom, wedding day decor
Adrienne had a family member who was working in the restaurant business and so they were able to collect an assortment of whisky bottles and jars for the table decor at the receptions.  These beautiful harvest tables are from Palace Events in Bloomington.
 garland, eucalyptus garland, head table garland
Stephen brought us over 120 bottles which we filled big beautiful garden roses, sweet little spray roses, baby’s breath and eucalyptus for a simple but beautiful look fortheir reception table decor and which were a  perfect compliment to the light finish of the harvest tables.
Rose centerpiece, reception decor, flowers in bottles reception decor, bottles of flowers
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Fresh Spring Bouquets For Your Central Illinois Wedding

March  is finally here and spring is just around the corner which finds us flinging ourselves back into wedding season!!  If you are planning a spring wedding, how wonderful to be able to include some of these gorgeous spring blooms.  We picked these bouquets from Pinterest to bring you the beauty of spring.


spring wedding bouquet
Lilacs are a flower best used when in season and oh how gorgeous they are.  If you are lucky enough to have a lilac bush you already know how delightfully their scent is carried on the breeze.  Their soft purple shades blend perfectly with other spring blooms to make a beautiful bridal bouquet for your central Illinois wedding.


   daffodil wedding bouquet
The daffodil has to be one of the cheeriest blooms to announce spring’s arrival and whether used more subtly with these peach parrot tulips and scented narcissus in the wedding bouquet (upper left) or bright and bold with the larger King Daffodils and yellow mimosa in the bridal bouquet (upper right), they definitely say spring!!


Tulips rival the rose for the sheer magnitude of wonderful colors available –  from the bright jewel tones to the softest pastels and everything in between.  They come in a fascinating assortment including the fringed edge, lily & peony shaped. Other gorgeous varieties available are the parrot tulips (pictured  in the wedding bouquet – two above)  and the larger french tulips.  They look perfectly elegant mixed with garden roses  (upper left) and equally  charming in a wildflower bridal bouquet (upper right.)


 pink peony wedding bouquet  peony wedding bouquet
I have heard it said that the rose is jealous when the peony blooms and it must be true – just look at the abundance of petals – what could be more luxurious?!!  Even though peonies are now available almost year around, they are much  more reasonably priced and so perfectly beautiful when they are in season.  They range in shades from pure white, blush, pink, coral, hot pink, magenta, red and burgundy and look ever so elegant by themselves and so fabulous mixed with roses and other seasonal textures & greens to bring you a gorgeous and luxurious wedding bouquet.


 iris bouquet, purple wedding bouquet  Blue iris bouquet
The smaller Japanes and Siberian varieties of Iris are dainty enough to mix with  coordinating blooms for a lovely spring wedding bouquet.  The purple bouquet (above left) is anything but boring with the blend of  lavender tulips & orchids, purple hydrangea and lisianthus offering a perfect backdrop for the purple iris.  What a perfect marriage of blue, green/gray & white shades and textures in the cascade styled bouquet (upper right)!!

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What Did This Bride Enjoy Most In Planning Her Central Illinois Wedding?

Jared and Molly  –  March 12, 2016

  When we asked Molly what she enjoyed most about wedding planning, she said it was planning for decorating the reception which was held at The Walton Center in Fairbury.  She enjoyed browsing Pinterest and getting ideas, so when we met together to talk about wedding flowers, she and her mom already had many ideas for decorating.  Her vision was for a rustic, country theme and even though it was hard to narrow down her many ideas, she said it was so fun.  They rented our vintage doors to use as a back drop (see photo below.)
Vintage Door Backdrop
Jared proposed to Molly on Christmas.  As Molly opened up the last of her gifts, Jared pulled out a box and as he tossed it to her said “Here – I think this is what you want!”  Molly explains that Jared is a very shy guy and is not much for words, so of course she just laughed and said “YES!!”
For her wedding bouquet, Molly chose blue and white flowers to coordinate with the bridesmaid’s navy dresses.  Her mom surprised her by bringing us lace from her wedding dress to wrap around the handle of her bouquet.  Molly also personalized her bouquet in memory of her uncle by placing his initial on the bouquet handle.
The least enjoyable part of wedding planning for this couple was watching the $$$ add up and realizing they had to cut back their guest list.  It made it stressful worrying about causing hurt feelings and was just not a fun part of the planning!!
For the cupcake table they rented our wooden crates to display the cupcakes.  The cake table backdrop was made from wooden pallets in keeping with the rustic theme.  Molly’s mom hung an old wooden ladder over the head-table.  Hanging from the ladder were jars filled with string lights.
  Molly chose our white birch boxes filled with white and blue flowers for half of the reception table arrangements.
The other half of the tables had our cylinder vase sets with submerged blooms and floating candles which Molly and her mom added twine and burlap/lace ribbon to and placed them on wood slabs.
Jared and Molly’s first dance was to “When you say nothing at all” by Alison Krauss.  Molly offers this advice on planning your wedding.  Don’t stress!!  It’s easy to say now and at the time I did stress, but now looking back I see that the most important things were having family friends with us to celebrate.  We had some things that we could have let interfere with the happiness of the day such as a funeral at the church leaving only two hours for us to decorate before guests started coming and me rear-ending someone with my car on rehearsal night.  I could have let it ruin my day, but I didn’t…why?…Because I still married my best friend at the end of the day!  Enjoy every minute because it goes so fast.
When the day came, everything we had both dreamed of came true!  We had our family and friends with us, the flowers were perfect, the decorations were perfect, I was in a dress that suited my style, the girls and guys all looked great!!

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Groom Designs Boutonnieres For This Central Illinois Wedding

The Hunt Is Over – Kyle and Emily Gregg – June 4, 2016

Kyle and Emily both love to hunt so when they chose their wedding date of June 2016, one reason was to avoid all hunting seasons.  Another reason was the hope of having beautiful weather which they did!! When Emily came for her consultation in January, the weather was cold with blowing snow.  As we listened to her describe their vision for their wedding flowers we were intrigued when she said we would not need to make boutonnieres for the guys as her fiance Kyle was making them!!  

Kyle Explains The Process

While brainstorming for ideas for decorations for the wedding, Emily showed me several pictures of “rustic” weddings, in which the boutonnieres were made of deer antler, a bird feather of some sort, or a spent shotgun shell casing. I decided with both of us enjoying the outdoors and hunting, that a combination of deer antler and turkey feathers would fit our theme perfectly.
After contemplating various ideas, I settled on using the tips of the tines from deer antlers and the smaller wing feathers from a turkey wing. With my dad’s help, the tips of the deer antler were cut to lengths of approximately 4-5 inches long. Then the wing feathers were cut so they were approximately 3-4 inches long, and then trimmed so the base of the feather could easily be hidden behind the antler. We utilized 2 feathers per boutonniere. They were then hot glued to the back of the antler. After this, We cut smaller flowers from artificial flowers which were purchased at Hobby Lobby, and hot glued them to the front of the antler. We then cut lengths of twine, approximately 12-18 inches long, and dipped them in wood stain, I believe the color was walnut, to darken the twine. After the twine dried, we wrapped it around the base of the antler to help hide the bases of the turkey feathers as well as the bases of the flowers, and to add something to the overall look.
After all of this was completed, we used “tie tacks” purchased from Hobby Lobby, with a circular base. We bent each base individually to fit better around the specific antler it was being used on, and hot glued it to the back in order to be able to attach the boutonnieres to the suit jackets.

Emily’s Advice

1.) Before you set a “for sure” date, go venue “shopping” first! We found our hotel venue and church venue in the same day. I am from St. Joseph, IL and Kyle is from Waverly, IL, with this we chose Bloomington, IL so our families could meet in the middle.  Once you pick your venues then you can set your date for sure.
2.) Go to bridal shows! This is how I found Sugar Mama Bakery and of course, Fancy Florals by Nancy!!! Kyle and Emily incorporated their love of hunting into their reception centerpiece arrangements with antlers.  We arranged the flowers in our wire-handled hob-nob vases to blend in with the rustic hunt theme.
3.) Make a spreadsheet! We had two different spreadsheets…One with all our guests, a column for their RSVP (formulating a total at the bottom will help keep track a lot easier), a column for their gift, and one to mark that we sent a “thank you.”  The other spreadsheet was the budget! Keep track of every deposit you put down, the remaining total and when it is due! You may think you can remember all of it but those dates sneak up on you! Go back to it often the last couple months so you can plan ahead. You’ll also want to re contact all your vendors the last couple months to make sure you all are on the same page. Wedding photos by T & B Photographpy.
4.) Pinterest is your friend! Many vendors love pictures to envision what you have in mind. Color swatches are also helpful to carry around. (I got mine at David’s Bridal.) To coordinate with their peach/mint color palette, we used a blend of peachy pink roses, orlaya, peach hypericum, succuletns and  eucalyptus for the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets and reception centerpiece arrangements. The bridal bouquets were wrapped in burlap and tied with twine in keeping with the rustic theme.
5.) Don’t procrastinate! Get everything you can get done as soon as possible.  Kyle and I did good with this but I can also tell you that it doesn’t get rid of the stress as you get closer to the date! So if we were stressed by being on top of things, I can’t imagine waiting to do things at the last minute!
6.) Try to remain calm, everything will come together.  Enjoy the day because it goes by fast!

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10 Ways To Use Garlands At Your Central Illinois Wedding

Garlands are very popular with our brides getting married this year.  They add a beautiful touch of nature indoors and are wonderful for decorating the outdoor wedding also.  Here are our top 10 ways to use them at your wedding.
reception table garland
  1.  Reception tables

Wedding Aisle Garland

2.  Wedding Aisle

Garland Wedding Backdrop

3.  Wedding Backdrop decor

Wedding Chair Garland

4.  Chair back decor

Wedding Welcome Sign

5.  Embellish and decorate your wedding signs.

Wedding Entry Garland

6.  Wedding tent or doorway entry

Cocktail Table Garland

7.  Gather around cocktail tables.

Wedding Cake Greenery

8.  On the wedding cake and behind the wedding cake.

Wedding Garland Decor

9.  Hung from the ceiling or over a courtyard.

Get-Away car garland

10.  Get-Away Car

We  Fancy Florals By Nancy, a central Illinois wedding florist, custom create our own garlands using a mix of greens to create your vision for your Illinois wedding decor.  Call, text or email us today to receive your free consultation at 309-212-6570 or fancyfloralsbynancy@hotmail.com.
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How To Have A Gorgeous Central Illinois Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Inspiration

When we first met Sarah to discuss her wedding flowers, we knew this wedding was going to be unique and different than anything we had done before!  Nelson’s parent’s grow wheat on their farm in Colorado and Sarah wanted to personalize her wedding bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages with the wheat her future mother-in-law had given her from their Colorado farm.  She was ready to embrace the current trend of mixing metals, silver, gold and copper, so we decided we would spray the wheat silver.  For the bouts we used the silver wheat, mini pine cones, evergreens and wrapped them with copper wire.
winter wedding bouquet, winter wedding, winter bridal bouquet
She loved the look of white garden roses and anemones, which blended perfectly with her winter white bridal dress from Adore Bridal Boutique, and to pull in the silver we used dusty miller and lightly sprayed the seeded eucalyptus and evergreens silver.  Rounding out this winter wedding bouquet were pine cones which coordinated with the pine cone boutonniere and the bridesmaid’s pine cone bouquets.
winter wedding, pine cone bridal bouquets
Sarah found her inspiration for her bouquets & bouts from Pinterest and showed us a photo of how she wanted her pine cone bouquets to look.  It was our first time to create these unique bouquets – and we do love a challenge and doing something different!! We covered a bouquet holder with baby’s breath and silver sprayed eucalyptus seeds to create a base; then inserted a pick into the pine cones and secured them in the holder.
winter wedding, hunter green bridesmaid dresses, pine cone bridal bouquets
The hunter green bridesmaid’s dresses  from Adore Bridal Boutique had a sparkly silver inset in the bodice and who would have thought the grass would be so green in the middle of December in central Illinois?!  However no one was complaining about the mild weather and Kara Kamienski was able to capture these beautiful outdoor photos at Ewing Manor.
Winter Wedding bouquet, winter bridal bouquet
The reception was held at Mariott Downtown Normal where Cake Crumbs Ltd.http://mommybakes.webs.com/ created a pine cone bride and groom for topping the wedding cake.  They added the white garden roses, mini pine cones and silver sprayed eucalyptus along with more of the silver sprayed wheat for a beautiful winter inspiration wedding cake!
Winter wedding cake
To have your own gorgeous winter wedding, click on the links of the above listed vendors.  Are you looking for something different and beyond the ordinary for your wedding flowers?  Call, text or email Fancy Florals By Nancy today to receive your free consultation – 309-212-6570 or fancyfloralsbynancy@hotmail.com
Nancy is an amazing florist and person! She is organized, professional, creative, and one of the sweetest ladies you could ever hope to meet. My mom and and I drove to Fairbury to meet her and I could immediately tell she was not only talented, but someone I could count on to deliver the vision I had for my wedding flowers. She listened to my ideas and added her own creative style. Her attention to detail, excellent taste/style and dedication to her craft make her a true gem. The flowers could not have turned out more beautifully and I would recommend Fancy Florals by Nancy to anyone looking for truly magnificent floral creations. The pictures don’t lie – take a look and work with Nancy. You won’t be disappointed. She is the best! – Sarah Peters Hevner

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