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What Was The Most Popular Wedding Color of 2016?


As we look back at our 2016 central Illinois weddings, wine-burgundy-cranberry shades of flowers were chosen by eight of our brides making it the most popular wedding shade out of the forty-five weddings we created bouquets for.  That is not surprising considering Marsala was 2015 color of the year and here in the midwest we aren’t as quick to embrace the newest style.



Coming in second place was plum with six of our central Illinois brides choosing plum colored blooms for their bridal bouquets.



We had three shades tie for third place – Peach, Pink and White.  Five of our 2016 brides chose peach shades for their wedding bouquets.




Another five of our central Illinois brides chose pink flowers for their bridal bouquets.



Classic white is always in and five our 2016 brides picked all white blooms for their wedding flowers.



Coming in fourth place we have blush – this surprised me as it seemed like I had worked with blush roses most of the wedding season!!  We actually did use a lot of blush flowers mixed in with the burgundy colored bouquets and our favorite blush roses we used the most were Quicksand and White O’hara garden rose.   We had four brides choose blush shades of flowers for their wedding bouquets.


Blue and Rust

Blue and rust colored flowers tied for fifth place with three brides choosing each color.


Yellow, Coral, Red and Lavender

Yellow and coral tied for sixth place with two brides choosing yellow flowers and two choosing coral.   And last but not least we had one bride choose red and one bride choose lavender.

We so enjoyed working with each and every bride and creating their floral vision for each of them.  We are greatly humbled once again by the lovely reviews our brides took time to leave for us and in so doing winning us “The Knot Best Of Weddings 2017”!!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  While I loved many of the bouquets we created this year, I think my most favorite flowers I worked with this year was the antique lavender wedding – something rare and beautiful (see below right)!!!


We already have twenty weddings booked for 2017 and we are looking forward to spring and the returning wedding season.  However, after doing fifty events this past year,  many two and three per weekend, we are restructuring how we do business in 2017.   To be able to fully enjoy and give our full attention to each wedding, we are only booking one per weekend starting now in 2017;  thus we now have a $1,000 minimum to book with us.

We have met so many wonderful people and feel so blessed to be able to use our God-given talents to bring pleasure to others by working with God’s glorious flowers and to be able to use part of our profits to fund our mission trips to Mexico.

Happy New Year to all,


What Is The Favorite Wedding Moment For Central Illinois Brides?

When we ask this question to our brides after their wedding, most of them we have found will say doing a first reveal was their very favorite part of their wedding day.
  >br /> It was no different for Justin and Jackie.  She stated “I would have to say that my favorite memory was seeing Justin for the first reveal at my parents’ house.  The look on his face when he turned around to see me was priceless!

“If time allows and you’re not opposed to seeing your significant other before the wedding ceremony, I highly recommend doing a first reveal beforehand!  I loved that we got to spend some time together before the ceremony that was just focused on us, because we knew we wouldn’t get any alone time for the rest of the day.  It definitely helped calm my nerves!”

Sunflower bouquet, sunflower wedding

These beautiful photos were captured by Kara Kamienski Photography.  We love it when we get photos of the flowers from great photographers like Kara and are excited to share them with you!!

View More: http://karakamienskiphotography.pass.us/fry-wedding View More: http://karakamienskiphotography.pass.us/fry-wedding

Did everything go as planned?  “For the most part, everything went as planned (woo hoo!).  We were actually ahead of schedule for the majority of the day.  I’m a very go-with-the-flow type of person, so even if everything didn’t go as planned, it wouldn’t have bothered me.”

View More: http://karakamienskiphotography.pass.us/fry-wedding

Would you change anything if you could do it over?  “I don’t think I would change a single thing.  Everyone that we talked to had nothing but nice things to say about the wedding and reception!  Justin and I both enjoyed ourselves, and I wasn’t stressed the entire day.”

Any advice or tips for newly engaged couples?  “Just go-with-the-flow on your wedding day.  Understand that not everything will go exactly as you planned – which is totally fine!  Weddings have a lot of moving pieces – days like this usually go much more smoothly when you don’t have things planned down to the minute.  Even if something doesn’t go as planned, your guests will never know something was supposed to happen differently, so it really doesn’t matter!  Also, the day flies by, so take the time to notice and appreciate all of the details and people around you!”

View More: http://karakamienskiphotography.pass.us/fry-wedding

For her bridal bouquet, Jackie chose sunflowers with blue veronica, a touch of baby’s breath and cascading mixed greens.  For her bridesmaid’s bouquets she chose sunflowers with white stock and yellow solidago.

View More: http://karakamienskiphotography.pass.us/fry-wedding View More: http://karakamienskiphotography.pass.us/fry-wedding


Her floral crown was made up with white spray roses and baby’s breath and looked perfect on her!!  For the boutonniere we used Viking pomps to mimic mini sunflowers.

View More: http://karakamienskiphotography.pass.us/fry-wedding

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