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Walton Centre – A Beautiful Wedding Venue

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For most of us locals, the Walton Centre stirs up feelings of nostalgia with it’s long, rich history in the heart of Fairbury!  This was where our grandparents, parents, and many of us shopped for almost anything we needed for the home as well as shoes & clothing and accessories for the entire family.

Today, we are pleased and proud to have this beautiful old building preserved as “The New Walton Center” ~ the perfect venue for weddings & events with it’s beautiful architecture & woodwork adding wonderful character and charm!

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The Walton Centre can hold up to 450 and features a large dance floor.  Catering is available by “Benchwarmer’s” or you can choose to bring in your own caterer.

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The Walton Centre has a private bar area and is handicapped accessible.  One of it’s many unique features is the cinderella staircase pictured below.



The Walton brothers started their career in business in the late 1800’s with a small grocery store.  Their hard work and good ideas blossomed into the first brick Walton Bros. building.  Unfortunately the building burned to the ground, was rebuilt, and again a fire destroyed most of the second building.  The present structure was built in the 1920’s and was one of the first in Illinois with a sprinkler system.   HIstory-Pic    

Fond Memories

I worked at Walton’s Department Store about 37 years ago for a short time when I was first married.  I first worked downstairs in the Men’s department and the dry goods department, then later was moved upstairs to the furniture and appliance department.  At that time, customers could charge their purchases by just giving their name, and we would hand write it on a ticket.  I’ll never forget the time when an acquaintance of  mine was purchasing and said “charge it” and even though I knew this person, I drew a blank and couldn’t think of their name to my great embarrassment!!  Those were the days! IMG_0439p

More Information

Call  815-692-2616 or email to contact Rick Wilson to receive your tour and schedule your event.  For more information about the Walton Centre, visit their website


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